Cine Art Palacio – Hans Op de Beeck

A video installation by Hans Op de Beeck occupied the old Cine Art Palácio, the first big cinema of “Cinelândia”, the so-called part of São Paulo inner city full of cinemas in the thirties.

Hans Op de Beeck presented Staging Silence 2, a projection of 22 minutes that interacts with Art Palácio history, with the transformation of São Paulo inner city and the reality of the megalopolis itself.

His video Staging Silence 2, presented in LOOP’13, was continuously projected on a giant screen of 11 m wide at the empty space that formerly was a cinema for more than 1500 spectators.
The Secretaria Municipal da Cultura is undertaking this pioneer action with the main goal of experimenting new ways of utilization for degraded and unused spaces. A definitive refurbishment is already planned for the Cinema, which will host shows and concerts in São Paulo city center.

This project was in collaboration with Emotique and the Secretaria Municipal da Cultura de Sao Paulo.

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