LOOP Fair is the first art fair exclusively devoted to the moving image. It brings together the ultimate creations in film and video by contemporary artists, featured by international galleries invited to participate in the event.

LOOP Fair was born in 2003 in Barcelona with the aim to provide the space, attitude and attention required by these practices. Throughout its 12 editions, LOOP has forged a strong community coming equally from the concomitant fields of contemporary art and cinema, and has become the event to discover, promote and discuss artists’ film & video amidst a specialized audience.

Each year, a reduced selection of artists’ films, in which premières are taken into special consideration, is undertaken by the LOOP Committee. Chaired by collector Jean-Conrad Lemaître and composed by collectors Isabelle Lemaître, Josée and Marc Gensollen, Haro Cumbusyan and Renée Drake, participation in LOOP is exclusively based on the committee’s review of the artists’ work proposed. Understanding that we work with time-based media, each gallery exhibits one film project in the hotel rooms of the hotel, thus creating a setting tightly-focused on the artists’ work and keeping the experience of discovery at the core of the event. Furthermore, the reduced scale of the event generates a lively familiar atmosphere which is moreover articulated by a highly-specialised Professional & Collector’s Programme. Also, since its inception, LOOP distinguishes the most outstanding piece and gallery proposal of each edition with the LOOP Awards, which are selected by an international jury of experts.

Save the date: 05-07 June 2014.



L10_FIRA_Hab_10_Martine-Aboucaya_Angela-Detanico&Rafael-Lain-I  L10_FIRA_Hab_17_Vera-Cortês_JWood-&-PHarrison-I  L10_FIRA_Hab_18_Christopher-Grimes_Takehito-Koganezawa-I  L10_FIRA_Hab_08_Braverman-Gallery_Nira-Pereg  L10_FIRA_Hab_26_Galeria-filomena-Soares_Vasco-Araújo_I  L10_FIRA_Hab_16_SPECTA-Lars-Arrhenius-I  L10_FIRA_Hab_25_Galerie-Reinhard-Hauff_Julika-Rudelius  L10_FIRA_Hab_13_Toni-Tàpies_-Christine-Borland  L10_FIRA_Hab_07_Bernhard-Bischoff_I  Galeria Vanguardia | Anna Malagrida  Moisés Pérez de Albéniz | Itziar Okariz