SUPERTEMPORAL. International Videoart Today.

30 selected works from LOOP & Screen from Barcelona


Curated by Estelle af Malmborg and Paul Young


Supratemporal. International Video Art Today. 30 selected works from LOOP & Screen from Barcelona provides a particular view towards the panorama of the international video art departing from the two central events of Screen Projects: LOOP Fair and SCREEN Festival.

It aims to show the current state of the most innovative works in the field of video art and to provide a broad and unique overview of the most representative ways of working in video. The works have been selected from different galleries and collections around the world, which have participated in the nine editions of the LOOP Fair and SCREEN Festival (2003-2012).

The exhibition was curated by a collaboration between Estelle af Malmborg, curator of Kulturhuset Stockholm, and Paul Young, an independent curator based in Los Angeles and specialized in video art. They chose a set of 30 pieces by 29 artists from different nationalities, cultural backgrounds and generations, presented in different formats, from projections to multiple channels, devices or monitors, in order to show the diversity and multiplicity of formats and ways the moving image can assume nowadays.


Artists and works:

Anna Baumgart / Cranes are Flying
Antoine Roegiers / Les septs pêchés capitaux
Antoni Muntadas / Stuttgart (for H.H.)
Bestuè & Vives / Acciones en Casa
Clemens Krauss /Elternhaus
Devis Venturelli / Continuum
Eve Sussman, The Rufus Corporation / “The Whisperer from the series”
Fabien Giraud / The Straight Edge
Gary Hill / Remarks on Colour
Gisela Motta & Leandro Lima / Voce Para
Guy Ben-Ner / Second Nature
Isabel Rocamora / Horizon of Exile
Julian Rosefeldt / Lonely Planet
Juliao Sarmento / ROC
Julika Rudelius / Dressage
Kelly Richardson / Exiles of the Shattered Star
Maïder Fortuné / La Licorne
Maja Bajevic / Double Bubble
Marco Brambilla / Civilization (Megaplex)
Mariana Vassileva / Journal
Marina Abramovic / Holding Milk
Mehdi Meddaci / Lancer une Pierre
Nira Pereg / Sabbath
Pilar Albarracín / Blood in the Streets
Regina José Galindo / Confesión
Reynold Reynolds / Secret life
Richard T. Walker / Successive inconceivable events
Wood & Harrison / The only other point + Notebook
Yang Fudong / Lock Again


Kulturhuset Stockholm. Stockholm, Sweden (10 March – 20 May 2012)


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